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Speak To It
heyo alright theres swearing and a bit of body horror/gore description idk man this was just for fun i got it from a writing prompt
    A tall metal door stood before me.
    I raised my hand, gently gliding my fingertips over the countless patterns that decorated the barricade between me and the other room. It felt cold, and I dreaded opening it but I knew I had to. Behind this door, was the thing that I hated the most, but had grown so used to. The thing I didn't want, but it was a constant part of my life that refused to leave me even for a second.
    A tall, slowly opening metal door stood before me.
    My hand was placed upon the handle, twisting it. The sound of the rusted hinges filled the deafening silence that had surrounded me previously. The only other noise being the beating up my heart, and the panic in my breathing that grew more and more with each inch the door opened. Still, I did not let go of the han
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Mine (Underswap!Yandere!Sans x Reader)
(A/N: Heyo. I'm back to writing, in case u haven't guessed by this upload. I've never written a yandere before and idk a lot about underswap. So this is just me winging it. Nice. Cool. Enjoy. Apologies for any OOCness.)
Requested by @LOST-LOVE-LIVE
Reader: she/her pronouns.
Trigger warnings obviously.
Yandere (ヤンデレ) is a portmanteau of two Japanese words yanderu (病んでる), meaning to be sick, and deredere (デレデレ), which is defined as strongly and deeply exhausted, infatuated, moonstruck, head-over-heels, or lovestruck, but in this case used for "lovestruck."

        His gaze was cold to anyone but her.
        She was his life, without her, he was nothing.
        If she were to ever leave, he didn't know what he would do.
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Garden (Asgore x Reader)
(A/N: It's like 4 in the morning, idk what I'm doing. Apologies for any OOCness, I haven't played Undertale for a while, nor watched any let's plays or anything of the sort. I've never written for Asgore before.)
This takes place after the barrier is broken.
        A female sat, tending the some of the plants around her. A watering-can in her hands, and a small smile on her lips. The scene was peaceful. Her calm hums, and the water lightly hitting against the plants, and the ground, were the only sounds that could be heard. 
        The garden was one of her pride and joys. It always looked so beautiful, with the many flowers laid out, arranged through color. The garden was large, and bright. It was obviously well taken care of.
        Of course, she didn't do it alone.
        There's no way she would be able to take care of it alone.
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Sleep (Russia x Reader)
(A/N: I wrote this at like 1AM. I've been trying to fight my way through writer's block, please forgive me. Apologies if anyone is OOC, I haven't actually watched Hetalia for a while.)
        The curtains in the small room were drawn open, allowing moonlight to drift in. The occasional fleck of dust was visible. No sounds could be heard, except for the breathing of the two figures in the room. One awake, and sat up on a bed, and one still in a slumber, resting next to the other. 
        Tired (E/C) eyes gazed out the window, watching the snow gracefully dance down to the ground below. Admiring the gentle breeze outside, that caused the branches from the pine trees to wave ever so slightly. Her gaze drifted from the window to the man who lay beside her. A faint smile spread onto her lips, as she looked at her lover of many years.
        His chest rose and fell e
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My Darling (Mettaton x Reader)
(A/N: Boy I am really sorry how slow these are coming out. Writers block has not been kind to me. Apologies if characters seem OOC. Hope you enjoy.)
        A seemingly never-ending onslaught of rain pelted against the window. The sky outside was darkened, a bit of fog dusted the outside world. Inside of a small home, a couple sat. A human girl, and a well known robot.
        The girl, known as (Y/N), held a mug of (Favored hot drink) in her hands, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. Her (E/C) eyes watched as the fire in the fireplace danced to an invisible beat. She sat on the comfortable couch, with her lover beside her, who had one arm wrapped around her shoulders. She took a sip of her drink, before placing the mug down. Suddenly, she felt her lovers head land on top of her own.
        "(Y/N), darling."
:iconaggressivemoose:aggressivemoose 34 6
Quiet Diner (Sans x Grillby)
(A/N: Whoop. Apologies if anyone is OOC. Idk how to write for Grillby this is a first attempt.)
        The diner was considerably quiet, very few monsters were inside. Less than usual.
        Grillby stood behind the counter, cleaning a cup that could be used if anyone else decided that they wanted a drink.
        The flame being looked over to the clock that was slowly ticking away on the wall. It was around the time that a usual guest would arrive, and Grillby would have to contain the bits of excitement he felt. Yes, it was true. He had grown some sort of...
        For this certain monster.
        He wasn't sure when it happened, but it did.
        It's kind of hard not to fall for someone you see so often, and have been in a sort of friendship with.
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Movie Nights (Papyrus x Reader x Sans)
(A/N: Alright this took a while to do. Whoop whoop. Apologies if anyone is OOC, I am not the best of writers, lmao.)
BowtiesAreCool15 here u go
sorry if it's short
        "OH! I LIKE THAT SHOW!"
        "You've said that for almost every show."
        "well we gotta find one we all like."
        "Just give me the remote and I'll find a show."
        "nah. you usually take a while to find a show."
        "Do not!"
        "sorry bro, but you take longer than (Y/N) to find a show."
        Three figures sat on the couch, wrapped in one giant blanket, cuddled together for extra warmth. The home would be c
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todomatsu by aggressivemoose todomatsu :iconaggressivemoose:aggressivemoose 7 0
Problem (Sans x Child!Reader x Papyrus) PART 2
(A/N: *Quietly needs to start writing more again*. Advice is welcome, please make it kind though. Apologies if anyone is OOC, I am not the best of writers.)
        I AM SORRY.
        The duo found the child.
        In waterfall.
        Ruining Sans' reputation.
        Currently, the child was splashing water at monsters who resided there.
        And no one knew that it was (Y/N) who was doing that.
        Everyone thought it was Sans.
        So naturally, both of the skeletons freaked out, and proceeded to drag (Y/N) away from the water, who was giggling like a madman.
        The little girl was brought all the way back to Snowdin.
:iconaggressivemoose:aggressivemoose 73 21
Listen (Napstablook x Reader) *Fluff*
(A/N: HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boy. Apologies if anyone is OOC. Napsta is kind of hard to write for, wow.)
Requested by VictoriaIsQueen
Napsta uses they/them pronouns, so don't be confused lmao.
This is rlly short and I'm rlly sorry about that but I have major writers block and didn't know what to do for Napsta.
I'm probably gonna rewrite this someday.
She tapped her foot to the beat of the music playing. A small smile grazed her lips as she began humming to the chorus of the song. Her eyes were closed as she allowed herself to think only about the wonderful music she was hearing.
        Although she wasn't aware of it, someone stared at her from across the room.
        And that someone was Napstablook.
        After the barrier between the underground and the outside was broken, and monsters were set free to roam, Napstablook met a human female. It had bee
:iconaggressivemoose:aggressivemoose 34 5
I Was Hoping (Papyrus x GENDER NEUTRAL!Reader)
(A/N: Tall skeleton brings me great joy. Apologies if anyone is OOC, I'm not exactly the best writer, haha. Advice is welcome, but please keep it nice.)
        A figure lay on the ground a bit of a distance away from the front door. The soft carpet underneath them making the fact they were lying on the floor the slightest bit more comfortable. Their bright (E/C) eyes waited expectantly for the door to be opened and for someone else to walk in. They had been in this position for around 10 minutes now. Of course, they were doing it for another reason, not just so that they could see the certain someone walk in.
        A yawn escaped their mouth as they waited for around 5 more minutes. Finally, they heard the familiar sound of the doorknob being turned, and the quiet creak of the door being opened. Their eyes widened a bit from excitement, and their lips spread into a playful grin. They pushed th
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Mature content
Perfection (Sans x Reader) +LEMON+ :iconaggressivemoose:aggressivemoose 177 129
Troublesome (Sans x Child!Reader x Papyrus)
Requested by Thatknuxandsilverfan
(A/N: I hope this is good enough, haha ^_^. Apologies if anyone is OOC, I am not the best of writers.)
        The whole situation was...
        To put it simply, troublesome.
        The little girl had been playing out in the snow for a while, when she came across a bottle. Inside of the bottle was a semi-transparent purple liquid. Her, not knowing what it was, did the only rational thing. She took it home with her.
        When she arrived home, she was immediately greeted with the smell of spaghetti being made. She had lived there long enough to recognize the scent, as it was about one of the only things she ate, unless someone else made something, although that was unlikely.
        She adventured into the kitchen after taking off her (F/C) boots, and shedding herself of her jacket. He
:iconaggressivemoose:aggressivemoose 289 78
Helped (Papyrus x Reader)
Catarinaxfnaf, Haha, hello :3.
(A/N: This is a part two to my fanfiction called Let Me Help. Apologies if anyone is OOC ^_^)
        He had chased her around the house, having still yet to catch her. Her (H/C) being swept back slightly as she ran at full speed. Her ears held a reddish color, displaying the fact that she was indeed blushing still.
        He could see that she was getting tired, and knew that he would win this round of tag soon. He was catching up, close enough to the point that if he jumped at her, he would be able to tag her.
        And that's exactly what he did.
        Leaping at her, he tackled her to the ground. A yelp left her mouth as she fell to the ground with the skeleton on top of her. She made a quiet noise of pain when her body hit the ground, although it wasn't too bad. The thing that was bad, was the fact that she had Papyrus on
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In The Snow (Sans x Reader)
Requested by deerspawn 
(A/N: More Christmas themed stuff, and also more Sans ^_^. Apologies if characters are OOC. Advice is welcome.)
(A/N Update: I'm laughing because most of the comments are people saying how they can't get snow.)

        A light breeze swept throughout the area, messing up her (H/C) slightly, and sending some snow in the direction that the wind was travelling. She pulled the scarf she was wearing closer to her face to protect her from the protruding cold of the winter weather. Her jacket was done up fully, and she had chosen to wear the warmest socks she could find. She looked over to the figure beside her through the corner of her eye.
        It has taken a little bit of convincing to get him to come outside with her, as he claimed it was far too much work. However, in the end she had won the battle, and he was currently travelling with her to who knows where. His shoes dragged a
:iconaggressivemoose:aggressivemoose 254 56
Let Me Help (Papyrus x Reader)
(A/N: More Christmas themed stuff because haha. Apologies if anyone seems OOC, I'm not a very good writer owo. Ty deerspawn for the writing prompts, u beautiful thang u.)
        The sounds of laughter echoed throughout the cozy home that the two individuals shared. The small building was brightly lit up by different Christmas decorations, and the two were decorating the tree to match the rest of the home.
        They had set the actual tree its self up not too long ago, and had brought up the boxes that were filled with ornaments and the tinsel (A/N: I've also heard it called other things in different places, it's the stuff you wrap around the tree.). There were different wrappings that held different colors. The female took a few out and held them up for inspection.
        "What do you think of this one, Pap?" She asked him, raising a blue one into the air for him to look at.
:iconaggressivemoose:aggressivemoose 133 29


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