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So I write for certain fandoms
They're in my gallery
Please look at that
If the fandom is not in my gallery I won't write for it
I write x readers or character x character
I won't write incest, large age gaps between characters (if there is a 20+ age gap I will not write for it)
Basically I won't write for anything that is morally wrong
I also won't write any fanfictions about real people
(A/N: It's like 4 in the morning, idk what I'm doing. Apologies for any OOCness, I haven't played Overwatch for a while, nor watched any let's plays or anything of the sort. I've never written for Asgore before.)

This takes place after the barrier is broken.


        A female sat, tending the some of the plants around her. A watering-can in her hands, and a small smile on her lips. The scene was peaceful. Her calm hums, and the water lightly hitting against the plants, and the ground, were the only sounds that could be heard. 

        The garden was one of her pride and joys. It always looked so beautiful, with the many flowers laid out, arranged through color. The garden was large, and bright. It was obviously well taken care of.

        Of course, she didn't do it alone.

        There's no way she would be able to take care of it alone.

        She owned the garden with someone else, a monster, to be exact.

        She wasn't exactly sure if she could call him that, as he seemed to be the exact opposite of what people would think when it came to the term 'monster'.

        Slowly, she moved the watering-can to another area, not wanting to drown any of the plants. 

        The monster, was known as Asgore. The previous king of the underground. Meeting with him, was quite funny. Seeing as how he was huge, and she was...


        Not quite as tall as he was.

        And also not as hairy.

        She was instantly interested in him, not in a romantic sense at first meeting, but in the sense that she wanted to know more about him. He was quite eager to make friends with her, although he held maybe a small amount of wariness towards the friendship. But the wariness soon faded as the friendship went on.

        And became a bit more.

        Yes, she had fallen in love with him, and he in return, fell in love with her. 

        Once again, she moved to a different patch of flowers. This would be the last patch of plants she would have to water today. The work had gone quickly. Through the corner of her eye she saw the monster who was occupying her thoughts. He was doing the same task as her, watering the flowers and the grass. Her gaze drifted back to the flowers.

        To ask her out, he had actually gotten her a bouquet of beautiful (Favorite Flower)'s. A ribbon wrapped delicately around the stems, keeping all of the flowers together. A note was tucked into the bundle of plants. The note, as one might guess, was a confession note. Words couldn't describe the amount of joy she had felt at that moment. Instead, she took to actions, and quickly embraced him, careful not to drop the flowers, or the card. 

        Eventually, they decided to live together. 

        The first flower they planted in their garden, was her favorite kind. A small way of remembering when they came together.

"(Y/N), dear." His voice snapped her out of her thoughts. She placed the watering-can down, noticing that she was done watering the flowers, before she turned to look at him.


        "Would you like some tea? I feel like it would be a nice way to relax after all of the hard work." He smiled at her, obviously a bit tired. It had been a long day, working in the garden and such.

        She hummed. "Tea sounds lovely right about now."

        He nodded to her, before walking towards her, and holding out a hand to help her stand up. She gratefully took it. Before he could begin walking to go inside, she gently tugged on his sleeve, causing him to look down at her. She motioned for him to lean down a bit, to which he did.

        He found a small kiss being placed on his cheek. Suddenly, her hand left his, and she ran inside laughing to herself. He rubbed the area that she had kissed, before he smiled wider, and began chasing after her.

        The only way she could describe her relationship with him, was perfect.
Garden (Asgore x Reader)
honestly i'm tired but im not gonna do anything about that now am i
Apparently I'm only inspired to write when it's like 3-4AM
Me: hey guys I'm gonna do requests
Writers block: No ur not
Me: oh
(A/N: I wrote this at like 1AM. I've been trying to fight my way through writer's block, please forgive me. Apologies if anyone is OOC, I haven't actually watched Hetalia for a while.)


        The curtains in the small room were drawn open, allowing moonlight to drift in. The occasional fleck of dust was visible. No sounds could be heard, except for the breathing of the two figures in the room. One awake, and sat up on a bed, and one still in a slumber, resting next to the other. 

        Tired (E/C) eyes gazed out the window, watching the snow gracefully dance down to the ground below. Admiring the gentle breeze outside, that caused the branches from the pine trees to wave ever so slightly. Her gaze drifted from the window to the man who lay beside her. A faint smile spread onto her lips, as she looked at her lover of many years.

        His chest rose and fell evenly, his lips parted slightly. His blond locks were in a messier fashion than usual. The light coming from the window reflected off of his skin, giving him a sort of angelic glow.

        One of her hands drifted up, to move a strand of hair that fell in front of his face. Her movements were careful, as to not wake him up. His hair was soft, she would never grow tired of the feeling of it.

        Her hand was moved back to her side, and her focus was brought back to outside. However, instead of focusing on outside, her mind chose to explore her memories, of all the wonderful moments she had with her beloved.

        She wasn't sure how long she had been like that. Just remembering different things that had occurred, but it must have been for a bit.

        The figure next to her stirred, before slowly opening his eyes. A bright violet color, one of the many things she fell in love with. He brought a hand up, to rub the sleep out of his eyes, before he focused on the girl next to him, sitting upright. She had yet to notice his movements, as she was apparently too far into her mind.

        He quietly reached for one of her hands, and slowly took it in his larger one. It appeared to be enough to get her attention, as her head quickly turned to look at him.

        "What are you doing up, sunflower?" He yawned. His thumb rubbed small circles on her hand. His accent thicker, due to his tired nature.

        She shrugged her shoulders. "Just couldn't sleep, I guess."

        He hummed in acknowledgement, before sitting up. His hands moved to her shoulders, the one that was holding her hand trailed a pathway up her arm. He began giving her a massage, careful not to be too rough. He leaned in, closer to her face, and pecked her on the cheek. She gave a content sigh, but soon ended up yelping quietly, as she was moved to sit between her lover's legs. The massage continued, and she was pulled to lean against his chest. His head rested on hers. He hummed quietly, a song that she assumed was a lullaby of some sort.

        The two stayed in that position for a while. The female felt herself growing tired, and couldn't hide the yawn that escaped her. She felt him chuckle. 

        "Are you ready to sleep now?" His voice was just above a whisper. She didn't reply with words, but he felt the movements of her nodding. He smiled, before laying back down. She moved her body to get into a more comfortable position.

        Her head rested on his chest, and her arms were placed around her waist in a light hug.

        She listened to the rhythm of his heartbeat, and felt his chest move with each breath he took. His scent was calming, and seemed to lure her deeper into sleep. She yawned again, feeling more than ready to go back to sleep. She moved slightly, looking up at her partner, who had already fallen back asleep. A lazy smile adorned her features. She nestled her head into his chest, her eyes drifting shut. 

        It was always easier to sleep, when she was being held in his arms.
Sleep (Russia x Reader)
it's like 1:36am i don't know what i'm doing


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I'm here to seduce you with my terrible writing abilities.
I'm terrible with social interaction and seem really awkward 24/7 I'm so sorry.
I appreciate any advice.
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